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Industrial water disinfection

Patented water disinfection for industry with stabilized chlorine oxide (ClO2)

Independent institutes have examined our chlorine oxide solution Duozon 100 L in various series of tests, including its environmental behaviour. The results certified excellent disinfection results and very good waste water qualities.


In many industrial businesses water treatment in process- and cooling cycles is very important. Biofilm of even 1 mm leads to heat transfer losses of more than 30% and can quickly lead to extremely high costs. Biofilm may lead to the overheating of plants under certain circumstances and eventually to the standstill of the whole production. Moreover,  biofilm offers an ideal habitat for legionella. These will be spread by aerosols over kilometers into the environment and represent a health risk for employees and local residents.
Duozon 100 L is a patent protected, stabilized, ready-to-use ClO2-solution. It excellently eliminates all microorganisms in all water areas. Because of its extra strong active content of 10%, the product is especially suitable for the continuous decomposition of biofilm and its prophylactical treatment.
Chlorine oxide is listed in the food additives ordinance as well as in the drinking water ordinance and is therefore particularly suitable for processes in the food- and beverage industries.


For more information please refer to Chlorine dioxide.


Chlorine granule

The disinfecting qualities of chlorine and chlorine-releasing compounds have been proved over many years. Our chlorine granules have proved themselves through the sum of their positive properties.



Trichlorin is a slowly soluble chlorine granule based on chlorine cyanurate with an active chlorine content of around 90% to 94%.