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...drinking water

Drinking water disinfection

Active protection against legionella in shower- and drinking water

To achieve effective protection against legionella,  thermal disinfection is generally recommended. This method has the disadvantage of potentially scalding the user and of disturbing calcareous sedimentation in water pipes. In addition, enormous sums of energy costs will be necessary to heat the water!

Duochlorin flüssig and Duozon 100 L. Disinfection of spring water and production water.

For the disinfection of spring and production-water in the food- and beverage industries we recommend, depending on the field of application, our patented product Duochlorin flüssig (19% chlorine oxide solution) or Duozon 100 L (10% chlorine oxide solution, ready to use) for continuous or occasional use.



Trichlorin K is an easy soluble chlorine granule with an active chlorine content of around 70 to 75%. Trichlorin K is perfect for disinfection, oxidation and for special tasks.