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...boiler water

Softener for boiler water

All natural water contains parts of calcium and magnesium, called hardness. Warming these waters, calcium and magnesium hydrogen carbonates - called cabonate hardness - fall out at a temperature of around 30° C and form well-known calcareous sediments like scale. Even 1 mm of scale increases energy consumption by more than 10%, regardless of whether the form of energy is oil, gas, or electricity. To avoid scale the use of a softening product is recommended.



Carbosin PK is an inorganic compound and food-safe. Carbosin PK is odorless, absolutely steam-free, storable, and easy and safe to handle. Carbosin prevents a precipitation of hardening constituents in cold, warm, and hot waters in water systems. Carbosin PK prevents a fall-out of carbonate hardness in boiler plants and in water supply systems, and a protective layer against corrosions will be built up.

Carbosin SK/SKD

Carbosin SK/SKD is a special liquid softener (for water with high conductivity: Carbosin SKD). Carbosin avoids a falling out of hardening constituents in boiler water.