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Corrosion inhibitor - steam volatile

Heating systems are made of steel, copper, or special composition metals, so made out of metals which are susceptible to acid attacks and corrosion. Although steam generators normally have pre-switched softener systems, the remaining hardness and therefore hydrogencarbonates reach the boiler and deliver CO2 into the pipes when warm. When water or steam cools down and condenses this CO2 dissolves in recirculated water and forms so-called carbonic acid. Without using an inhibitor, corrosion problems cannot be avoided.
Very effective corrosion inhibition is represented by Hibitor DF, a special corrosion inhibitor, which is entered into the installation by steam or distributed via a circulation pump.


Hibitor DF is a liquid, alkalized anti-corrosive product with a persistent protection effect and was especially developed for use in steam- and boiler plants. Hibitor DF is immediately soluble in water, heat-resistant up to 360° C and can be used with standard products for boiler water conditioning.