A a company of chemical industry we envision an obligation to produce and use our products environmental friendly. Our core competence is the water disinfection and water treatment.

By further development of our products as well as using quality raw materials we intend to ensure minimum using concentrations, effectively water treatment with simultaneous consideration of our environment.

The aspect of decomposition and environmental friendliness is focussed by the development of our patented method. So we fulfill after disinfection with per example our product Duozon 100 L the strict waste water directions with best values.

Because of proceeding depletion of our water resources we see it as our task, to reduce the addition of fresh water and make it longer usable by targeted application of our disinfection products in cooling circuits of industry.

We produce energy with our own photovoltaik system and cover our own need for current effectively and ecologically compatible.

We would like to direct a big thank towards our employees who made with their, partly decade-long work, Cealin Chem. Fabrik GmbH to what it is today.

Thank you!