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...excellent water disinfection

Chlorine oxide (ClO2)

Independent institutes have examined our chlorine oxide solution Duozon 100 L in various series of tests, including its environmental behaviour. The results certified excellent disinfection results and very good waste water qualities.


Water disinfection for industry with stabilized chlorine oxide

In many industrial businesses water treatment in process- and cooling cycles is very important. Biofilm of even 1 mm leads to heat transfer losses of more than 30% and can quickly lead to extremely high costs. Biofilm may lead to the overheating of plants under certain circumstances and eventually to the standstill of the whole production. Moreover,  biofilm offers an ideal habitat for legionella. These will be spread by aerosols over kilometers into the environment and represent a health risk for employees and local residents.
Duozon 100 L is a  stabilized, ready-to-use ClO2-solution. It excellently eliminates all microorganisms in all water areas. Because of its extra strong active content of 10%, the product is especially suitable for the continuous decomposition of biofilm and its prophylactical treatment.
Chlorine oxide is listed in  the drinking water ordinance and is therefore especially qualified for disinfection in  food- and beverage industries.


Product qualities

  • Inorganic liquid ClO2 (stabilized chlorine oxide)
  • Ready for use ex works
  • Extremely high content of active component of 109 g/l (10% solution)
  • One of the strongest water disinfectants worldwide
  • Safe elimination of microorganisms like germs, bacteria, legionella etc.
  • Decomposition of biofilm and protection against regeneration
  • Elimination of iron, manganese, and other soluble metals
  • Reduction of organic compounds (THM)
  • Increase of redox potential through high power of oxidation
  • Lower AOX-buildup compared with other disinfection/oxidation products
  • Duozon 100 L does not contain chlorite
  • Microorganisms cannot develop resistances against Duozon 100 L
  • Permitted for water treatment in the food and beverage industries
  • Simple and safe usage - non-flammable, non-explosive

Possibilities of usage

  • For safe disinfection against biofilm, microorganisms, germs, and bacteria in process- and cooling waters
  • For optimal germ elimination in vapor and ice waters in the food industry
  • For perfect elimination of biofilm, algae, and legionella in cooling towers
  • For optimal cleaning and disinfection of filter plants
  • For shock treatment against legionella in air-conditioners

Dosing of Duozon 100 L directly from the supplier with an easy-to-handle dosing system (suction lance, suction aid, metering pump and injection fitting).
Concentration control
Duozon 100 L can be tested quickly and easily without a laboratory.
Packing units
25- or, -60- kg disposable canister, 220 kg-plastic-barrel, 1000-kg-container.